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Wii Mod-Chips are on the way.
Similar to GameCube the new Nintendo Wii console has vonerabilities that can potentially be exploited to run unsigned code, backup game copies and home made code on the console. It is already possible to run Game Cube game backups and load homebrew from SD Loader in wii GC mode.

ModChip models compared: Cyclowiz DuoWii InFeCtuS D2Ckey Wi-ic Wii-Boss WiiD WiiFree Easy Connect WiiFree Kit WiiJii Test Kit Wiikey Wiinja Wiip WiiReZ Yowii.
Wii Hacked? So far there has not been found a simple way of running backups and homebrew on Wii, but multiple bugs and backdoors that could enable this have been identified.

Nintendo Wii Emulators - console game eumulators running on nWii Nintendo Wii Remotes - wiimote mods and hacks. Connect remote to PC. Wii Backups - it looks like we will need to wait until a wii modchip comes out before we can run backups on Nintendo Wii console. Nintendo Wii Roms - with Action Replay and an sd card or dvd-r you can run roms on wii in CameCube mode. Virtual Console.info - hopefully with a mod-chip you will be able to trade virtual console rom games on sd cards.
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d2ckey wii modchip

Wii D2CKey modchip -- Compatible with the latest D2C chipset Wii consoles. Enables you to play Wii BACKUPS as well as other region games (PAL on NTSC and NTSC on PAL) and of course it supports GameCube multi iso DVD-R discs.

WiiKey mod chip wii

WiiKey mod-chip Boots all Nintendo Wii backups from DVD-R and even DVD-RW discs. Firmware of the modchip can be updated from DVD adding new features like GC Audio Streaming fix etc. Reagion FREE run different NTSC region Wii Game Backups on US and JAP Consoles. Enables direct boot of GameCube backups. Homebrew SNES NES MAME SEGA emulator rom support! Supports full size 4.7 GB DVDs for GameCube Homebrew so no 1.4 GB limit like on GC.

Easy 6 wires to solder or Quicksolder installation without wires.
Wii Disc Backup application (Wii DVD Dumper) that takes care of backuping you games DVD to SD CARD to PC.

GameCube Homebrew tutorial.

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